REEtec in brief

REEtec is a Norwegian technology company that has developed a completely new and game changing process for manufacture of high purity rare earth elements (REE). This process combines high efficiency with best in class environmentally friendliness.

This means that REEtec recovers and reutilizes virtually all consumables in the production process. The energy demand is very low and based on hydro-electric sources. There are no wastes, nor emissions, and our process does not utilize organic solvents of any kind. In conclusion, ours is indeed a sustainable and future oriented process.

We deliver high quality products from our production unit that has been in operation since 2014.
The product portfolio, which is extended month by month currently covers most of the rare earth oxides and nitrates. All products are extensively tested and documented.

Key team members

Sigve Sporstøl, MSc
(Chief Executive Officer)

Sigve Sporstøl has a long track record as Business – and R&D manager in the international chemicals industry. Sporstøl has particularly been focusing on technology development and commercializing of laboratory ideas into new and innovative products and processes. He has been CEO of REEtec since 2011.

Bård Bergfald
(Board Member)

Bård Bergfald is an environmental consultant with extensive network in the Greentech industry. He is a BoD member of REEtec and is acting as market consultant in the current ramp up period.

Henning Reier-Nilsen, MSc
(Chief Technology Officer)

Henning Reier-Nilsen is a Chemical Engineer who has extensive experience in developing new chemical processes and products. Reier-Nilsen’s track record includes management positions in companies like Norsk Hydro, Yara and Ineos. He has been involved in REE projects since 2008.

Dejene Kifle, PhD
(Research Scientist)

Dr. Dejene Kifle has studied at the University of Oslo and took his PhD degree in REE chemistry in 2013. He has been engaged in REE related research projects since 2008 including in depth chemical analysis and characterization of high purity compounds.